It’s Friday! Thank goodness – what a week!

It’s always a bit of work ensuring that I have a video ready to go by the end of the week, but it is always SO worth it! I always feel like I’ve at least accomplished something while the house crumbles around me, just hours after getting it looking decent. My tornado children may undo my work around the house, but nothing can take away the fact that I get that second video up and can tick another week off as successful (at least in the virtual sense).

Plus it’s always lovely posting a video late Friday night, falling asleep and then waking up to see how it was received by those who watch my videos, look at this blog and comment on instagram. Sometimes it’s one of the few things I really look forward to all week – discussing crafty projects with you! I try to set aside my Saturday mornings to reply to everyone and catch up on a few crafty videos myself!

Enough rambling, can you tell it was a particularly hard week?

Let’s look at today’s card!

I’ll apologise straight away for the photos, slimline cards are a whole different shape and size to photograph and it is not something I prepared myself for when making my first vertical one. Oops! I need to go looking on Pinterest for how other crafters are managing to take nice pics, because all of mine look a little odd.

However, I hope the photos capture enough for you to enjoy the fun little details!

I have had this idea stored away for quite a while. At least the characters in some kind of boat, with the gold embossed sky. I attempted to make something like this a few months ago, but it just didn’t make the cut. I didn’t have enough space.

If you’ve seen the movie this scene was inspired by, you’d probably remember how stunning this scene is, with all the lanterns floating high in the sky. It was just a look that I couldn’t achieve on a regular sized card – it was just too cramped.
Enter slimline cards – and we have enough room! This idea was one of the reasons I caved and jumped on the slimline train. I’m so excited I finally get to share this idea with you.

This card has a few fun elements to it. I especially enjoyed making this background, using multiple tools to achieve this look. I just wanted it to look like multiple layers without it looking too overwhelming. It really does remind me of the sky in that scene.

While we’re focusing on these lanterns I have a request if you’re into making cards with those little lights – please CASE this card! I would love nothing more than to see something recreate this with lanterns that actually glow. That would just be amazing! And I would have done it myself if I owned any of those materials and could get my head around how to make them work.

Playing with these stamps and making slight changes to transform them into these characters was so much fun! (I’m a little disappointed in myself for not adding a funny nose to the boy!). I hope they look enough like the characters for them to be instantly recognisable.

If you would like to see how I recreated this card from start to finish, I will pop the link to the video here:

Here are some of the materials I used in this card and where I purchased them from:

Lawn Fawn Slimline Dies with Flaps:

Lawn Fawn Screen Time Stamp Set:

Gelly Roll Pens for white details:

Gold Embossing Powder:

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