I hope you are well and safe. There’s so much going on in the world at the moment, and I hope that you’re able to find some time to be crafty, relax and do things that bring you joy.

It’s been a wild week here in Queensland with having two thirds of our expected yearly rainfall being dumped on us over just five days. We are safe and the only inconvenience we’ve experienced is that our son’s school is closed on and off due to water damage – so we’re considering ourselves to be very lucky in a time when so many people experiencing life changing events.

I found a little time to craft this week, despite having two kids under my feet (just as we were all getting into a decent routine, too!). The card I made is rainy themed – it seems that the weather occupying all our minds has made its way to my crafts.

This card features the new Beary Rainy Day stamp set by Lawn Fawn. I grabbed this and the base for the Platform Pop Up from Hobby Hoppers as I knew they’d get here nice and quick. As February was my birthday month, I ordered the rest of my items directly from Lawn Fawn – I am SUPER excited for those to get here, but have enough to keep myself busy until then!

When I first saw this stamp set in the new release, I thought it was adorable. but maybe one that I could live without for now. Then the idea for this Flippin’ Awesome card came to mind and I just had to get my hands on it!

This card tells a little story of a sweet little bear. He is first seen looking out his window, watching the rain. This little scene reminds me so much of my son, especially this past week as he has spent a lot of time watching unbelievable amounts of rain through his window, asking lots of questions about the weather.

In the second scene we see a bear venturing out into the world, holding onto mama bear’s hand as they safely guide him through the rain.

The next two scenes are of the little bear gaining their confidence, having fun splashing in puddles and running through the downpour with no concerns.

The last scene is found once the tab has been pulled down completely, revealing a grown bear with his little froggy friend. I guess the main idea behind this card was inspired by what we’re going through as a family at the moment.
Our eldest has started school this year and we’ve watched him grow from a cautious little boy, a bit anxious about fitting in to class full of children he doesn’t know, to one who has made friends, enjoys going to school each day and comes home with new stories about all the things he participated in during the day – out in the world without us! It’s so amazing to watch a little person grow into who they are meant to be and experience new things in life. I’m sure the mama bear in this card would agree!

Full tutorial for this card can be found on my YouTube channel, I hope you’ll check it out!

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