Today I have such a bright, fun card to share with you!

As you my have seen in my previous posts from earlier in the year, I have worked on cards to send to people whose birthdays were affected by COVID.
Being a stay at home mum and on a limited budget, making cards to bring smiles to people’s faces and bridging the gap between loved ones during a difficult time, was the best way I could think to make the world around us just a little brighter! Quite a few people took me up on the offer to make and send cards on their behalf and I absolutely loved making them!

A little over a week ago I was contacted by a friend who asked if I could send something to her best friend as they have not seen each other for many months. These two ladies are very special to me, so I was so excited to make and send a card from one to the other!

I messaged my friend with a theme in mind and she agreed that it was perfect! So I set to work to make this card:

This card is just so different for me. I have a confession – I’m not the biggest fan of yellow! I think it’s because I don’t like using blue and yellow together. I have blue eyes, have stayed away from yellow gold jewellery my whole life, we don’t have a single piece of yellow furniture or utensil in the house (I’m rambling now) but it’s something that I just tend to steer clear of.

I’m now seeing what a shame that is, and how much I’m missing out on!

This card is warmth. It’s friendship. It’s fun and cute! Plus who doesn’t love bumble bees? 🐝

This card is so simple, using only four colours including the small amount of grey on the wings. Proof that my “less is more” take on cards is still working for me.

It’s hard to pick what I like most about this card. I just feel like it is so “complete”. Every element of this card seems to match what is happening around it. As though it’s a puzzle with no missing pieces.

As much as I would love to say my favourite parts are the shaker windows (who doesn’t love a good shaker card?) I actually think it would have to be the simple “honey comb” net that covers the windows of the shaker. It was so quick and simple to whip up on my Cricut, I even walked away to start my morning coffee and tend to my children while the machine did all the cutting. The shaker would look just fine without it, but I feel like having it there, ties everything together!

If you’d like to see how this card came together, I have put it up on my channel!

can’t wait to make more cards like this soon.

I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you for stopping by!

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