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If you’ve been following along for some time now, you’ve probably seen me mention that I was an Early Years Educator (what feels like) many years ago.

My favourite way to watch children learn is through pretend and imaginative play. This hasn’t changed now that I have my own kids. The skills they can learn through this kind of play is limitless.

My son particularly enjoys “Cafe” play. It’s one of the times he’s confident in exploring roles of being both the person behind the counter and the customer in equal amounts. He’s gaining confidence in conversations that he will no doubt have soon when we can start venturing out to our favourite places to eat!

Now enough of talking like I’m still in my old job – let’s get onto how to make these for the next time you want to add some more realistic props to fuel your child’s imagination!

These took just a few moments to whip up on my Cricut Maker – all I needed to do was pick a font and use the “draw” feature, set out where on my paper I wanted my machine to write the words – and set it to work!

These little menus were also cut out by my machine, but I rounded the edge with a punch. The images were stamped with some of my favourite Lawn Fawn stamps and others, cut out and glued on. The menus were then laminated to ensure they would last more than a few minutes of play!

As I used a font that did not have a “writing style” the centres of each letter were “hollow”/remained white. I used this to my advantage to add some colour to the menus and get some practice with my Copic blending.

My son absolutely loved these little menus! My husband and I were both “customers” until our legs were numb from sitting on floor, ordering copious amounts of coffee and cakes, served with a smile by our happy little bean.

Have you ever made anything on your Cricut for pretend play? Share in the comments below!

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