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It’s been a while since I posted here. Things got hectic towards the end of last year. By some miracle I kept up with my video schedule, but that seemed to come at the price of my blogging.

I’m ready to start a fresh, new year on my blog and am making the time to keep on top of it! I already have a few videos on my channel for 2022, but so far they are planner/planning videos and other projects. I’ve also started recording for a craft area clean-out that I will be adding to over the next little while.

Enough about that! Let’s show off today’s project!

I couldn’t think of a better way to start my Valentine’s Day crafts than with a Magic Maker Project for Hobby Hoppers!

I was browsing (procrastinating) on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago, looking for Valentines Day ideas and a just kept seeing little matchboxes. They were all decorated with simple images and love themed puns. As soon as I saw the puns I immediately thought of Lawn Fawn, and then suddenly had a head full of ideas on how I could incorporate my favourite stamp brand into this adorable craft idea!

Hobby Hoppers stocks all the new releases, so I was well stocked on cute critters and cheeky puns to bring my idea to life.

I settled on three designs for this project. Narrowing it down this much was difficult. Honestly, the more I looked through my stamp sets, the more I realised that almost all of them would work for this project.

One of my favourite things about these matchboxes in the depth of the little “drawer”. You can add layer upon layer to get more detail and dimension in there without it disrupting it’s ability to open and close.

I think my favourite out of these three designs would have the be the skunks! They are just so adorable!

Here is the video on how I made these sweet little matchboxes:

Here is a list of products that I used, available at Hobby Hoppers:

Scalloped Circle Gift Tag

Hearts and Stars Skinny Tag

Harold’s ABC’s – Stamp Set

Cerealsly Awesome – Stamp Set

Scent With Love – Stamp Set

Scent With Love Add-On – Stamp Set

Giant Xoxo

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