After almost a whole week of no/very poor internet quality, I am back with a tutorial!

I was so excited to share this card, and then very quickly disappointed when I couldn’t access my videos to have it ready for Tuesday!

But we finally made!

This card was heavily inspired by one of my favourite crafters, Marine Simon. 

Marine is one of those creative people who can definitely pull off the “more is more” look as her cards often have so many lovely details, yet never seem to be too crowded – it’s a skill I hope to get to her level one day!

This strawberry cocktail card was just so cute and loaded with fun images that I just had to make my own version of it!

With my dad’s birthday coming up, I had the idea of making the card pineapple themed to put my own twist on it and had to use stamps out of my own stash and try to make them work. 

I think the card turned out lovely! It was so much fun to make, I loved seeing it all come together in the end. 

If you’d like to see how I made it, I have a tutorial for you! 

Thanks so much for visiting!

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