Today I have two sweet birthday cards to share with you that I have posted off to some crafty friends who have celebrated their birthday in May! Yep, it’s June now. I’m late, but I didn’t want their day to go by without sending something!

One of the best things to come out of YouTube, blogging and sharing my crafts has been the people that I’ve met along the way. Off camera I am a pretty quiet person, I have very few (but close) friends. I mostly keep to myself and happily plod along with my little family.

I’m obviously now exposed (virtually) to a whole lot more people on a daily basis on social media. It can make it tricky to get back to everyone, reply to all comments etc. I’ve been so lucky to have had nothing but wonderful and positive interactions with everyone so far – and I’ve truly found some gems along the way!

Who would have thought sharing my crafty pieces could lead to actual friendships, from people who I chat with on occasion, to others who I sometimes message a few times a day! I just feel so lucky for having these interactions, it truly was a huge part of staying sane last year.

Two crafty friends who I interact with frequently happened to have birthdays very close to each other and I had an idea in my head that would mean I’d be able to make them both a card and have it fit in with my filming schedule.

These cards slightly differ, but followed the same simple steps. Although they were simple, I think they’re just the right amount of bright and fun! I hope you like them too!

This card has a sneak peek of another project that I will be sharing soon!

If you’d like to see how these cards came together, I’ll leave my video link below!

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