I hope you are well! Christmas is upon us!

I just realised with all the things I need to do this week, and places I need to be – this may be my last video of the year! I hope not, there may be a little time to sneak one more in. But if not…

I just want to say a very big thank you to YOU!
This year has been the most hectic and sleep deprived year of my life. It has been so stressful and isolating at some points.

This space here in my blog and on my YouTube channel have been my happy places. My escape from our tiny house, with myself, the two kids and my husband stuck within these walls for a majority of it.

In the times when I couldn’t physically be free, I could at least sit at the dining table and let my creative mind wonder and dream about the things I would love to make, my hands trying to keep up with the ideas.

My blog and channel have been great tools in sharing my ideas and having them seen by people all over the world – including you!

I am most thankful for you. Your messages, your comments, views, likes – all of it!
In a year where physical connection with the outside world has been dramatically cut, you reminded me that the whole world is still out there and everyone is doing the best they can to get through what 2020 has given us. You’ve given me so much encouragement and said so many kind things about my creations.
I honestly feel like my work (and sometimes even me!) is worth seeing and sharing. I am so excited to get to know you better as I continue to craft and hopefully bring you things that make you smile, brighten your day and inspire you to create beautiful things – this world needs every beautiful thing you bring into it!

I wish you nothing but happiness over the holidays, no matter how you celebrate them this year ❤️

Ok, I should get onto the card at some point!

I’m sure most could recognise that the theme of this card is based on Harry Potter – one of my favourite movie series! My husband and I try to set aside time each year when the weather starts to cool down (blanket and snuggling weather!) to rewatch the series, one or two movies per weekend until the end.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to do our annual viewing as our baby girl was only two months old when we were meant to start, and between cat naps and 2-3 hour feeds, we barely had the time to watch movies, let alone function like human beings. So I have been missing my yearly does of magic!

I decided to make this card a birthday card for a few reasons. I had enough room for the Scripty birthday sentiment (is that a silly reason?). I LOVE the tiny words that came with the Special Delivery stamp set that fit in those tiny pieces of paper. I have been doing so many Christmas cards and couldn’t quite make this scene I had imagined very Christmasy.

I think one of my favourite things about this card is that I decided not to add a ground/road for the houses to sit on. I read a comment on one of my YouTube videos recently where someone had said “I had made my own rules” and I loved that.
I’ve always had some problems with following direction, not on purpose to be defiant, but mostly because I am a visual learner and if things are explained to me in words, I get quite lost and forget most of the direction. So when it comes to crafting and being able to make and do things differently, that aren’t “normal” but still bring joy makes me feel like I’m not so odd! Just a little out of the box.

If you’d like to see how I made this card, I will link my video below!

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