I’m back today with another Christmas Craft!

I’m honestly amazed I’ve been able to keep things so consistent this month, especially since I’m lucky to be running on 3-4hours of sleep per day (teething and sleep regression sucks!).

Despite all the chaos of family life and my attempt at getting ready for Christmas, I’ve been posting new videos twice a week, I hope you have been enjoying watching them (including all the silly mistakes I seem to be making, must be the lack of sleep!) and hope they are giving you some inspiration for your own Christmas crafts!

Today I actually have four cards to share with you!
As I was drafting this card, I realised it was going to come together fairly quick and easily so I thought “Why not make a bunch?”. It seems the part of my brain that reminds me that I’m swamped and too tired for this was turned off that day!

But, in all seriousness, these cards were so fun and so worth the little bit of extra work to make multiples with slightly varied designs.

I love this style so much, I think I might squeeze another one with the layout in before Christmas!

If you’d like to see how I put these cards together, here is a link to my YouTube video:


Here are a few more photos of the cards! Which one is your favourite? I think the moose would have to be mine!

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