Today I have this sweet friends themed card to share with you!

I was recently contacted by a friend who needed a card for her niece’s 18th. 

One of her current interests is the tv show, friends, so I thought this was a good opportunity to try to work in a TV show theme into a card. 

My first thought was to use the Lawn Fawn Tiny People, as there was enough variation in the designs for me to try to match them to the characters on the show. 

But I also needed something else on my card front to take up some of the space. That’s when I thought of the cute yellow frame on the back of Monica and Rachel’s door. 

I had the perfect purple inks to match the door in the show, so it was decided that I would whip up a frame. 

I very quickly drew this frame in Fresco, it only consists of two layers, making it easy to assemble. 

The last thing to focus on was the sentiment. For this I wanted to go with “the one” like the how the name of each episode of Friends begins. 

“The one where all your dreams come true” seemed like a wonderful thing to say to someone turning 18!

I really hope the recipient loves her card. 

If you’d like to see how I made this card, I have a video for you, below!

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