Today I have this sweet, 90s toy themed card to share with you!

If you were around in the late 80s, early 90s (even if you weren’t a kid at the time) then you probably know what a Polly Pocket is.

Originally made by Chris Wiggs for his daughter in 1983, by creating a small house inside a makeup powder compact, the officially licensed versions of the toys were in toy stored by 1983.

I was born a few years later, and when I was three years old, my mum bought me my first one! It was a tiny cabin in the snow with an adorable pine tree in the front yard, two dolls and a Saint Bernard dog.

From the moment I began playing with this toy, I was hooked! My collection over the years grew until I was able to fill up a large storage tub with them all. I loved them and cared for them so well that they’re all still in excellent condition. my son has seen them and loves them, I can’t wait for my daughter to also be old enough to enjoy them too!

So let’s move onto the card!

This idea first started playing in my head when I first saw the Tiny Friends stamp set by Lawn Fawn. Those little people make the perfect Polly Pocket dolls!

The Quilted Backdrop Die had also been on my mind, with the idea that it would be perfect for the top of compact as it reminded me of my favourite Polly Pocket from when I was little. lucky for me, Scrap Dragon had 40% off Lawn Fawn about a week before I had time to make this card, so I was able to grab it in time to use it!

This card, just like Polly Pockets, fills both the top and bottom of the heart when it opens with little scenes. The top is a little theme park, the bottom is a road with a car driving through some trees. I guess the idea behind this is that the little dolls are on their way tho the theme park.

To make this card just a little more special, I ensured that the dolls were removable AND magnetic. This means that they can be played with and placed around the scenes, sticking down so that they don’t fall out of place, whether it be the car, ticket booth or on the rollercoaster.

There is also a piece that pulls out from behind the heart to prop up the top piece, for a more realistic experience as Polly Pockets themselves were able to stand up to play properly with the top portion.

I really hope you love this card as much as I enjoyed making it to share with you! Feel free to share this post or the video below with someone you know who loved Polly Pockets!

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  1. My daughter (who will be 30 in a few months) LOVED Polly Pocket and Littlest Pet Shop when she was little – so THANK YOU for the trip down memory lane! Your card is fabulous!!

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