Today I have a super simple Valentine’s craft to share with you.

I saw a few pins on Pinterest with boxes this shape. And so began my decent down the rabbit hole, searching for what these boxes were called and how to make them.

Turns out, the best results show up when searching for “sour cream containers”. Apparently Wendy’s once had small packets shaped like this, full of sour cream, so the name must have stuck!

Here in Aus, they would probably best be recognised as “Sunny Boy” ice block packaging.

While they looked fairly simple, there was just something about the way they were folded with no creases that I was finding difficult to work out. When I saw a short clip on how they were made, I felt a bit silly – honestly, these are so ridiculously easy to make. Maybe I need to get more sleep!

Here is the link to the clip I found: https://pin.it/3NS0QgR

While this box is fairly small, using the second largest of the Lawn Fawn stitched rectangles, they are just big enough for little notes, or tiny treats!

If you’d like to see how I made this sweet little container, check out my video below!

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