Today I am sharing two thank you cards that I had to whip up very quickly this week!

Yes, that’s a garbage truck. Unusual for a card front, but suited an event that happened at our house this week!

My son turns 4 this weekend! And just like many children his age, bin day is his favourite day of the week as it means a visit from his absolute favourite- the garbage truck!

With his birthday coming up and so many of the ideas we had to celebrate his day affected by COVID, we had to get a little more creative.
My husband called up our local council to see if there was any chance that we could visit the dump and observe the trucks being emptied from a safe distance. Unfortunately not. But they suggested something even better!

We were put through to a lovely lady name Jodi who works for SUEZ, and from there it was arranged for the regular Friday garbage truck to make a stop at house for our son to meet the driver, hop in the driver’s seat and check out the truck.

My husband and I were pretty much exploding with excitement. We probably had stupid smiles on our faces every time we looked at each other for the week leading up to this exciting visit.

When the big day arrived, I nearly slept in through all of my alarms as In had been through the night with our baby. I flew out of bed at 6:20 when I remembered why my alarm was screaming and quickly got myself and our son ready.
We had told him that if we woke up early enough, we would stand on the driveway to wait for the truck and wait so that we could wave to the driver and give him a card – a thank you for doing such a great job emptying our bins. My son thought that was a wonderful idea – a garbage truck driver is pretty much the coolest and most important job in the world to him, worthy of a card!

So out we went and within minutes we met Jodi, soon followed by the sound of the garbage truck driving up our street.

You can imagine the excitement. My son was so overwhelmed he could barely speak. He quietly took everything in. Soon after of course, the many questions started (it was a relief because we thought maybe it was TOO exciting).

Dan, the driver was awesome and pointed out the different parts of the truck and showed us how it all worked. After a while, he hopped back in and emptied the bins in the street so we could see. That was when we handed him the card and he drove off to complete his shift.

What perfect timing for the recycling to then show up – and all before 8am!

So let’s have a quick look at these cards!

The first card was for Dan. I found this free garbage truck SVG on google and used my Cricut to cut it twice, to layer for just a little dimension. Then the inner pieces were cut from colours that match the trucks that come by our house.

I find masculine cards quite difficult, but I feel like this card looks quite nice, just the right amount of sparkle (would it be one of my cards without glitter?).

The second card was for Jodi. This one I whipped up nice and quick with the help of a Scripty Thanks die by Lawn Fawn and some beautiful rainbow patterned paper by Amy Tangerine.

I really wanted to use this paper, but was find the rainbows to be a little too bold and my “Thanks” were getting lost in the pattern, even with the purple sparkles behind them.

A single sheet of vellum made all the difference here. It only slightly dulled the vibrance of the rainbows to allow the die cuts to stand out.

I used the lace borders to hide where I glued the vellum and rounded the corners to hide any imperfections and give it a more seamless look.

I hope they both loved their cards, I feel like it was the least I could do for two people who helped make our little boy’s 4th birthday truly unforgettable.

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  1. What an awesome story! Thanks for sharing it and for giving those workers the recognition they deserve for what is probably often a thankless job. 🙂 I’m sure your son was over the moon!

    1. Thanks Jeanne! I can imagine it really is a thankless job, I just hope the drivers know that there are SO many little ones who think they’re the coolest and want to be like them when they grow up!

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