I am SO excited to share this simple card layout with you today!

I have been using (collecting) Lawn Fawn stamps for a few years now, since just before my son turned one – he’s nearly four!

Between then and now I had gotten myself in a huge rut. It felt unescapable. It was a terrible mix of PND, an undiagnosed autoimmune disease, and just the general stress that comes with raising a small on top of those things.

My crafty side was severely affected. I felt like everything I touched just wouldn’t work out. I didn’t have much time to get things done and when I did, I was often overwhelmed by my supplies and how to use them.

It was then that I came across this picture on Pinterest. I was looking at lots of cards around this time, but I believe this is the exact one that I kept going back to for inspiration.

Thank you, Chari for your amazing and inspiring work!

After seeing this layout, I thought it was adorable and simple enough for me to give it a go. Since then, it’s been my go-to layout for when I need a quick and easy card that still looks well planned and includes a cute scene on a small scale (perfect if you find planning scenes that take up the whole card front tricky!).

If you’d like to see how I made this simple cards, with a bunch of examples of many more, here is my how-to video:

I am so grateful to Chari for sharing her cards and being so inspiring! If it wasn’t for seeing her card, I probably wouldn’t have gone on to make cards that actually look good, had the confidence to share my cards on my blog or even start my YouTube channel!

I hope you love this card and give this simple layout a go for yourself! Maybe it’ll also help you get back on track to making amazing things, using up that paper you keep promising yourself you’ll use and ensure that you don’t fall back into that craft rut (just in time for the new Lawn Fawn release!).

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