It’s time for another hop! You have NO idea how excited I was to be a part of my very first hop a couple of months ago.

Within hours of releasing my first YouTube video I was contacted by the amazing Carrie Rhoades (https://www.carriestamps.com) asking if I wanted to join her and some other crafters in a hop using Lawn Fawn products. I was TERRIFIED as I had only just worked out how to edit and do voiceovers, but I accepted the challenge. My blog and YouTube channel have benefited from taking on that opportunity!

I had such a blast being part of the group and pushing myself to be as creative as possible. So when it was decided that we would stick together to create more seasonal hops in the future, I was THRILLED!

And here we are today, the second hop has just gone LIVE on Youtube! This time, Summer Themed. I am so excited for what I have created to share with you!

These can only best be described as “Friendship Baubles”. The main idea behind this that this bauble acts as a bit of a friendship bracelet/necklace. They are two separate pieces but can also be tied together to make one 3D bauble.

One little mouse is sitting with a telescope, his dinner behind him, looking at the stars while the other is enjoying a panic in the daylight, blowing dandelions. A few pieces of dandelion making their way to the “nighttime” mouse.

I like to think that maybe I’m the nighttime mouse, and the daylight mouse represents the other crafters who I’ve gotten to know a bit more over the last few months. We’re in completely different time zones, there’s always a delay between messages but our love for Lawn Fawn is what brings us all together.

The backs of the baubles weren’t left bare. I wanted these to be complete pieces on their own in case they are separated so I found this cute quote and got my Cricut to write it out for me.

I also took my time in planning this project (usually I rush and forget things, need to go back and redo) and remembered to add a few extra little cuts under the sentiment to add the ribbon later. These ribbons did their job being decorative when the baubles were separate but also functional as I was able to tie them together with the opposite ribbon on the other bauble to hold them together to make it “one piece”.

I’m really happy with how this piece turned out.
Maybe next time I’ll make a card instead of something so out of the box.

No promises though!

If you’d like to watch my hop video, here it is!

Here are some of the products I used and where I purchased them from:

Crazy Antics Stamp Set

Unicorn Picnic Stamp Set

Dandy Day Stamp Set

Super Star Stamp Set

Gelly Roll Pens (white)

Gelly Roll Pens (stardust)

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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  1. hi Stephanie,
    I have recently become a subscriber of your channel, cant wait to see more from you.
    Can i ask where you purchased the silver tip for your glue bottle, the one i have clogs and is such a pain.

    1. Hey Nicole!

      Thanks so much for subscribing and finding your way over to my blog! The little piece that goes into the top of my glue bottle is a sewing pin!

      Here is the link to the exact ones that I have:

      I totally understand the frustration of glue bottles clogging up! These are the only ones that I haven’t had a problem with and I’ve been using the same two bottles for well over a year.

      I hope this helps!


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