Today I am sharing a card that was, honestly, an emotional experience to make.

Sympathy cards are always tricky. When I know someone is sad or suffering, my first reaction is to try to make them smile or laugh. However, when it comes to grief, that’s not always the appropriate response depending on your relation with the person who is experiencing loss.

As you would know by now if you’ve been following my blog and YouTube, Lawn Fawn is most definitely one of my favourite crafting brands to work with. So when it came to making a sympathy card, I knew I wanted to include Lawn Fawn in some way, but find a way to incorporate typically cheering and happy images into something a bit more serious.

And so this was the result!

Everything about this card makes me teary, but also happy. From little mouse in the clouds blowing a dandelion, to the baby. mouse reaching out to catch one of the pieces – I just think this is one of those pieces where I truly managed to get the message across.

If you’d like to see how I made this card and hear my thoughts on the process, I have made a video for my YouTube channel:

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope this card can give some inspiration if you find yourself in need of making a card like this for someone important to you.

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