Just a quick update on the draw for the Lawn Fawn Fans Spring YouTube Hop!

Firstly, I just give my thanks to everyone who watched my video and hopped along. All of the videos where absolutely amazing and the team of crafter I had the opportunity to work with were the most lovely and talented people I have met in the crafting community!

Being an Aussie, on the other side of planet from most of the people in the group and being VERY new to recording and sharing on YouTube, I was both thrilled and so nervous to be joining in on a group project with crafters who all seemed so much more experienced than I am.

I am so grateful to Carrie Rhoades for inviting me and taking a chance on a complete newbie!

Now – the winner!

Each of us involved in the hop did a draw within our own comments and passed that name onto Carrie, who did a final draw between those commenters.

The name of the commenter who won – Denise P from Lorene Caido’s video!¬†

Congrats to Denise!

As for the draw I have promised to do – I decided to wait until 10 Aussies had commented on my video. We are up to 7! Even if we don’t reach 10, I will do the draw within the week. I still want to give it away as I am so grateful for all the love and kind words in the comments.

Keep an eye out for the winner soon!

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