Today I have a new birthday card to share with you!

I put so much love into this card as it is about to be sent off to my Grandmother for her birthday!

When I started working on this card, I knew I wanted it to be a shaker (who doesn’t love a shaker?). Interactive cards are always so much fun and I wanted this one to be special!

I had to get creative with the layout after a few failed attempts at working out what to do for the shaker as it was built in to the background of the card. I knew what shape I wanted and tried to cut it out of the card stock. The main obstacle with this was that I would have to make the same cut on all the pieces of card stock, in the exact size and spot. Doing this by hand would have been I’m possible, so I searched through my dies for inspiration.

When I came across my ice cream die set, my eyes locked on the ice cream cone die – I couldn’t believe my luck! It was the PERFECT shape and exactly what I had envisioned for the shaker part of the card.

Something I had to be mindful of when making the shaker part of this card was that it was almost “floating” in the background. It had no distinct border to help contain the shaker elements. To help secure my acetate tight enough, I hid double sided tape on the back of the acetate, behind the stamped images in my scene. This way, a fair amount of acetate was actually glued down. Although some of the glitter was still able to escape the shaper window, all of the stars stayed put, so I was very happy with that!

For the full how-to on how I made this card, here is a video!

I hope you love this card (and I hope my Grandmother does too!)

Thanks for stopping by!

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