Today I’m showing you a surprisingly quick and easy craft that makes perfect Christmas table decorations or a cute addition to Christmas hampers and gift baskets.

I am in no way a vinyl crafter. In fact I find it very intimidating and difficult in comparison to paper crafts (my hat goes off to anyone who uses vinyl for a living!).

I used some plain white, permanent adhesive vinyl from vinyl-world.com.au and cut out the different designs on my Cricut using the “premium vinyl” setting.

All of the adorable designs used for this project were found on loriwhitlock.com

Transferring these with clear contact was a bit tricky. The vinyl definitely wanted to stay on the contact and had a bit of trouble adhering to the textured boards – something I need to research more before making again.

With a bit of wired ribbon (it makes nice, neat and pliable bows) these boards were finished in no time!

What would you use these for? Have you worked with vinyl?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this project!

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    1. Hey Pam!

      Not sure whereabouts in the world you are based, but I got these from Kmart in Australia. They were part of their Christmas kitchen item release. I really wish I had grabbed more!

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